Volgograd State Medical University

In the year 1935 Volgograd State Medical University was founded. Since its inception, it has started training the medical student from the different parts of the world. Currently the director this university is Vladimir I. Petrov. He is a prominent scientist and a prominent figure known to the world. The Volgograd State Medical University is listed in the world directory medical school. When it comes to MBBS studies in Russia this university is considered to be one among the best. The university also has the accreditation of FAINER. It has also been recognised by the medical council of India. Since its existence the university has been successful in training some of the best professionals in the field of medicine. Alongside training the students it has been working hand in hand with the world health organization and British Council. It has also been Working with United Nations education, social and cultural organization, the world federation and various international agencies like US agency. This university has been functioning and making efforts in a collaborative ways for the development of the medical science across the world.

Key features of the Universities – 100 WORDS
There are more than 763 capable instructors in the university alongside having 11 highly qualified academicians, 401 associate professors and 96 highly educated professors.
There are more than 66 departments in the university. There 5000 Russian students, 70 international students and 900 Indian students takes their classes.
There are more than 70 doctors who render education to the postgraduates in the university.
Since 1992 there were more than 2000 international students who have been trained as professional doctors.
When it comes to the Study MBBS in Russia VSMU is considered to be one of the best universities.
Since the year 2000 the university has been teaching medical science in English language.
There are more than 70 countries across the world including Latin America and Europe, from where the students come to study medicine here.

World Ranking
The ranking of the university in the world is 4377. With a huge number of universities across the world this is among the top 5000 universities in the world.

Country Ranking of Volgograd State Medical University (VSMU)
In the country of Russia there a huge number of universities and VSMU stands at the 147 number in the list.

Benefits to Indian Students in Volgograd State Medical University (VSMU)
When it comes to the Indians students it is seen that most of the students are apprehensive about going to the foreign lands but in Russia the people are very welcoming.
The cultural mingling is something that makes the student feels like home.
For an India student admission process is tough because of the entrance process and when it comes to VSMU the entrances are not there.
The communication mode is English and for the students who are not comfortable in English the university offers special courses.
Extra donation for admission is common in India but this is not the case in VSMU.