Our Lady of Fatima University

About Our Lady of Fatima University

In 1967, Our Lady of Fatima University was founded, one of the best institutions in the Philippines for medical education. Over 30,000 medical professionals have graduated from Our Lady of Fatima University since then. The University's long-standing commitment is to provide better education services and facilities to the increasing number of international students. Students who attend Fatima will be exposed to a country whose identity is both strong and whose heritage is both diverse and multicultural.Our Lady of Fatima University features a computer facility with internet connectivity to allow all medical students and researchers to network and conduct medical research. A total of five buildings of the university are equipped with the most advanced medical lab equipment required by the Board of Medical Education.

Advantages of MBBS at Our Lady of Fatima University
Admission at Our Lady of Fatima University is free and does not need a donation.
Admission is not contingent on passing an entrance exam.
College costs are low in the University.
Hotel rooms that are fully furnished are available.
Gujarati and other Indian cuisine can be found in these canteens.
For the finest of practise, cutting-edge technology is used in the campus hospital.
Wi-Fi availability helps students tremendously.
Individuals with a good attitude and a safe environment are studying at the University.
The University provides excellent boarding and lodging.

Duration Of MBBS In Our Lady of Fatima University
For students who have completed class 12 with Science, the overall duration of the Medical, MD, or MBBS course is 5 and a half years. The first 16 months are devoted to a pre-medical programme. It focuses on laying the groundwork for a solid medical education. The core medicine and clinical rotation will take place throughout the next four years.

Faculties of Our Lady of Fatima University
Internal Medicine
General surgery
Emergency medicine
Clinical pathology