Jalalabad State University

Jalal-Abad State University was founded in 1993 and is a public institution designed to provide higher education for medicine.

The university adopted a multi-level system of education, which includes four levels of training:
Certificates or Diplomas (under 2 years)
Associate degrees (2 years)
Bachelor degrees (3 or 4 years)
Master degrees (2 year)
Doctorate degrees (3 years)

Jalalabad State University has the following faculties:

Like Jalalabad State University itself – long a leader in global education, with a multitude of international students and programs – faculty of Medicine reaches beyond Kyrgyz Republic borders to promote global diversity in our programs for medical graduates, students and aspiring health care professionals.

We welcome international applicants that come to us through established sponsor organizations seeking residency placements, fellowships or professional advancement via pathways that often start with research scholarships. We also offer them public health and professional advanced degrees, as well as basic sciences doctoral degree programs, research and training.

We are constantly expanding both the programs available to international applicants and our global reach.

Our mission at the Office of International Affairs is to help international candidates find the programs that fit their educational and medical career goals, make it as easy as possible for them to successfully complete the application and requirements process, and make every effort – given the considerable competition – to place them in an appropriate program.

We also are here, once they arrive, to provide the services and guidance to help make their education and stay in Jalalabad a rewarding one. In addition, the Office of International Affairs provides a wealth of clinical enrichment, program analysis, lectures and other services to organizations abroad.

The Faculty of Medicine offers professional education, and the opportunity to study medicine under the guidance of knowledgeable professors from universities from Kyrgyz Republic and abroad. As a student of the “Medicine” program, you will acquire up-to-date knowledge and skills, which are competitive in Eurasia and the rest of the world.We also offer full-time studies in other programs and disciplines. If you wish to study Medicine, dentistry, Engineering, Law in Central Eurasia, Jalal-Abad State University would be a great option. Here are the top 5 reasons:

The entire clinical study process in Medicine is carried out on modern medical technologies, with the most up-to-date medical technologies. Additionally, the teaching staff tries to apply innovative teaching methods throughout the entire study process. As an international student at JASU, you can also participate in the Exchange programs, which allow you to spend one semester in another university, and who knows, maybe in your hometown.

We guarantee studies in small groups, and lectures and practical classes taught in a collegial way by highly recognized professionals and specialists in their field, as all members of the academic staff have practiced and received qualifications in many reputed universities and clinics.

Thousands of students at JASU study in departments that are accredited and recognized nationally and internationally for the quality of their teaching and research. However, we encourage not only the academic staff, but also students to participate in scientific work and projects. JASU is ranked among the best universities in the Central Asia.

Our graduates are employed in prestigious institutions and organizations all over the world and the degree obtained at JASU successfully allows them to compete in any country. Our graduates are encouraged to continue their studies in residency in various medical fields.

Moreover, Jalalabad will inspire you, too. it is a city with an interesting history and old traditions, but it is also a city with an abundant and modern cultural life. You will be able to spend your spare time in the cultural environment that Jalalabad offers: attend concerts (modern and classical alike), the opera, dance and sports clubs, play badminton and tennis, go swimming or hiking. In short – enjoy a vibrant modern city life.