AMA School of Medicine

About the University
AMA School of Medicine (short form AMASOM) is one of the best medical universities in Philippines. AMA is situated at Makai City. The University was founded on 15th October, 1980 by Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz. If you are shortlisting colleges/ universities for MBBS in Philippines then you can add AMA school of medicine in your list. The Medicine programs offered by university include BS and MD course. Offered degrees are similar to the degree being offered in UK, Australia, India and other Commonwealth countries. The University focuses on enrichment of student’s clinical and practical skills in various fields like Gross Anatomy, Pathology, Microbiology, and a lot more. AMA School of Medicine is one of the best places in China for medical studies. With the top quality education and renowned faculty members, the university is undoubtedly one of the best in China for medical education.

Key features
University has 2 campuses. One is in Makati and another is in Cavite (Manila). It is one of the best and leading medical colleges in Philippines.
AMASOM has pool of brilliant faculty from excellent academic background and specialized fields.
All the lectures are held in English as majority of population speaks English in Philippines.
They follow clinically oriented and case study method of learning.
AMASOM is also affiliated with Private health institutions and government hospitals.
This is the best place for Indian medical students as the ratio of Indian students in AMASOM is high and it also offers healthy environment.

World ranking
AMA school of Medicine ranks 17920 globally.

Country ranking
If you are planning for taking MBBS admission in Philippines and you decide upon the rank of university then AMASOM is considered one of the top ranked universities for study in medicine.

AMASOM for Indian Students
As MD degree is recognized by MCI (Medical Council of India), education system and all other facilities at AMASOM for Indian students are same as of Philippine students.
After completing all licensing formalities with MCI, Indian students at AMASOM will get license to practice MBBS even in India as same as MBSS doctors.
This is one of the reasons; Indian student wants to study MBBS in Philippines. AMASOM also comes in the list of top and best low fees Philippines medical colleges for Indian students.
If you are an Indian student who wants to study medicine in Philippines then this University is the best combination of affordable fees and education.